Photo by  Mescondi .

Photo by Mescondi.

Nyhla Records is an independent record label created by artists for artists.

Founded in 2015, Nyhla specializes in artist management, branding, distribution, music production, marketing, music videos and photography.

Nyhla operates out of Vancouver, British Columbia, where a frustrated generation of artists are being forced to move away due to rising housing prices and a lack of support & resources for the arts. Vancouver's music scene has remained hidden from the rest of the world for decades – even the rest of Canada has comfortably maintained their blind eye. The amount of world-class talent in Vancouver is astonishing, but it’s hard to find when the city gets left in the dark. Nyhla aims to change that by shining much-needed light on their city.

To better represent Vancouver, Nyhla made the conscious decision to build a roster of artists that don't subscribe to one genre, and are instead connected by their passion to create. With teamwork and support at the core of the company, the artists will often collaborate with one another, leading to refreshing blends of style. In a new vlog series on Nyhla’s YouTube channel, their collaborative ethic & close-knit friendship is on display, and it's hard not to fall in love and be inspired by it all.

Angus Maude
Founder & CEO

Sam Herman
Vice President

Raunie Mae Baker
Videographer & Photographer

Daniel Lin
Videographer & Photographer